Monday, September 23, 2013

Day Thirty-Five

There's a new book under the book tab! Yay! I'm thinking about starting a 'books released' and 'books sold' count under my word counts. Also, I finally got a lightbulb for the lamp in my room so I CAN SEE AGAIN!

Day started off like normal, read blogs and wrote the blog post for yesterday since I didn't get to it last night. Work started in the afternoon. I mostly spent the morning messing around online without accomplishing anything. Got back from work and had to go grocery shopping, then get some letters done for bank closing stuff.

Finally got to book stuff and decided the current cover for Lusting You looked terrible as a thumbnail, so I redid it. The new cover is much better. Also rewrote the description since the old one was pretty blah. Hoping these changes will help move some books. Well, that and dropping the price. I initially put it up at $2.99 because of the 70% royalty, but after thinking about I decided I just don't feel right charging that much for a sixteen page short story, so I dropped it to $0.99.

Now I've settled down to start on the sequel short story. I'm here writing this blog post, so you can tell how well that's gone. Hopefully I'll at least think of a first sentence or something and get this thing started before I go to sleep tonight.

Edit: Got the beginning started. Somehow ended up writing about the main characters discussing boobs. I am so immature I amaze myself sometimes.

Fiction Words Today: 685
Running Total: 10,095

Blog Words Today: 408

Running Total: 2,118

Braindump: 434

Running Total: 3,298

Books Released: 2
Books Sold: 7


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