Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day Thirty-Three

Got up early and caught up on some blog reading. Discovered that New Girl has an entire season on Netflix that I hadn't seen, so lost a lot of time to that. It occurs to me that I spend too much time watching T.V....

Went shopping with Mom, bought a few new shirts. I'm trying to upgrade my wardrobe to 'doesn't look like a hobo.' So making progress there.

Got home, finished watching New Girl, then decided it was time to get to work LIKE AN ADULT. Put on pajamas, stumbled through the dark to my desk because the lightbulb in my lamp is dead and I still haven't replaced it yet, then started writing LIKE AN ADULT. Realized I utterly hate that story I'm writing and it's the stupidest thing ever, so judging by my writing patterns I'd say I've hit the halfway point. Meh, looking like it'll turn out shorter than I wanted, but that's okay. It's a good thing I'm employing myself because I have not learned to write to length yet...

Fiction Words Today: 288
Running Total: 5,634

Blog Words Today: 175

Running Total: 1,710

Braindump: 0

Running Total: 2,433


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