Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day Twenty-Six

Yup, if you click on the book tab you'll see there's a book there now! "But, Evie," you might say, "How can you have a book when you've hardly gotten any writing done?"

"Well," I might answer (while glaring at you, because, really, what a rude question) "It's a book I already had written. It's been sitting all edited and polished up on my hard drive for a couple months now while I deal with other things."

I've been spending the last few days dealing with tons of formatting for some projects on a different pen name and I thought, why not format and publish this while I'm at it? So I did!

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I realize days twenty-three through six lack posts. Suffice it to say that I had some terrible days at work then formatted in my free time. That's about it.

Today I got up early and spent the day putting together things for my book signing (again, other pen name). I got a poster of the cover printed up at an office store. It was a bit expensive, but it looks gorgeous and I'm leaving it on display at the bookstore for a couple of weeks. Only two people actually showed up to the book signing, but I caught up on some twitter and hung out with my family and talked to the bookstore owner a little, so all in all, not a terrible day.

After the signing I went out with my family and stuffed myself with some delicious mexican food at our favorite place. Then drove home and got on my computer. Obviously the first place I went to was KDP to see if my book had gone up. It had, and I'd already sold a copy! Thanks, whoever you are!

I realized I should probably update this blog with the new book, so I did that then wrote this post! I also happened to notice an email full of writing prompts in my inbox, so I might have some fun with a few short stories before I go to bed.

Fiction Words Today: 0
Running Total: 4,128

Blog Words Today: 352

Running Total: 1,294

Braindump: 0

Running Total: 1,637


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