Monday, September 9, 2013

Day Twenty-One

I finished the edit and sent it back to my editor! Accomplishment! Now to sneak back to Bad Graces until she gets back to me. Oh, wait, did you want to know about my day or something?

Okay, so I had a middle shift thing today at work which means this awful eleven a.m. to around seven p.m. time, blah. Didn't do much of anything in the morning. Read some blogs, put together my spending worksheet for August. To explain, it's this thing I do at the beginning of every month where I add up everything I spent last month and see where my money went. I find it really useful for finding places to cut back spending. Necessary, on a budget as tight as mine. Anyway, did all that and went to work.

Had an awful day at work. Felt completely drained at the end of it. Got home, did some grocery shopping, watched some Dexter, and moaned about not wanting to do anything. Whacked my brain with a healthy dose of guilt and when-will-i-get-this-done fear and managed to get in front of my laptop and worked till I got those edits done. Then popped in here to write this blog. Twa-la! Might write a little more tonight and tack it onto tomorrow's word count. Or might just read more Dresden. I'll see.

Fiction Words Today: 948
Running Total: 3,675

Blog Words Today: 302

Running Total: 819

Braindump: 0

Running Total: 1,637


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