Monday, September 23, 2013

Day Thirty-Four

Spent the morning doing laundry and writing. Got a good ways through the short story, then finished laundry and went over to my parents' house for dinner. Ate dinner and ice cream, hung out for a little while.

Came back to the apartment and re-watched some Community with my brother. He went to sleep, I settled back down in my room, finished off the short story then uploaded it to Amazon.

As of this morning, it's still publishing. I'm also putting together the print edition, but I'll probably wait to receive and approve the Pride proof before ordering a new one. Eh, maybe. I'll see how far I get today. It might seem a little silly to put together a print edition of a twenty page short story, but I like the idea of having print editions of everything I publish. After we move I'm going to put up a shelf with all the books I've written on it, so it'll be fun to have, even if no one ever orders it.

Fiction Words Today: 3,776
Running Total: 9,410

Blog Words Today: 0

Running Total: 1,710

Braindump: 431

Running Total: 2,864


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