Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day Nine

Ugh, day eight broke my streak of writing every day. Sigh. Got back to it today, though. Yesterday I was just tired. Tired of dealing with STILL not having a car, and going to work and blah. Tired. Still tired today. Still have no car. Still having a terrible week. Pushed myself to write again, because I know it makes me feel better. I was right. :) But still tired.

Went to work early today. Thought I would have an hour before work started so got some writing done in a notebook, then found out I was actually working. Oops. Got off work early and did grocery shopping. Read blogs until I concluded I was not going to stop reading blogs, so turned off internet. Typed out what I'd handwritten and ended up passing five hundred new words. Feeling pretty good about where this story is going. I'd like to finish it and at least one of the sequels this weekend. I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting pretty freaking excited over the idea of releasing my first box set. I've even been working on the 3-d graphic for it. Bit more complicated than I expected, but I think I've got the idea now.

I just use the 'perspective' tool in photoshop to move stuff to angles that makes it look box-set-y. By the looks of the tutorials I've seen, I must admit that this looks much simpler on GIMP. I'm not entirely sure what GIMP is, to be honest. I should probably investigate it, but I am fond of my photoshop. 

Anyway, after wasting time playing with covers I decided to get this blog post written. Probs just going to bed after this. I could really use the extra sleep.

Fiction words today: 663
Running Total: 7,084


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