Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day One

Okay, yes, I'm restarting the count. I got too confused there. Also changed my mind on the goal. I am learning to be REALISTIC. Therefore I am now shooting for the terribly realistic 250,000 words in a year.

That number looks really low for some reason. Maybe because I once tried to achieve it in a month. And failed spectacularly. But a year? Pschaw, I can do this.

Oh, yeah, I guess I should give you the tale of my day. Okay, so I did have to work today because HOLIDAY PAY, guys! And I've decided that I want to make myself write first thing when I get up to try and keep motivated. So therefore I set my alarm for 6:30 a.m. This did not go well.

The alarm went off, I wailed with it, then smacked it and went back to sleep. I pointed out to myself that I really had to get up, so after much flailing and reluctance, I crawled out of bed and got my laptop. then I wrote a whole 277 words before I stopped to get ready for work.

Went to work, slow day, blah. Got home, met my dad at Gadget Depot (not the actual name of the store) to buy my new phone while he got his tablet. Turned out the sale price I'd been quoted was no longer effective. Much crying ensued. I did not get my phone.

Got dinner at Awesome Food (still not a real name) and sulked. Discovered sale price was effective somewhere else and celebrated. Realized all the stores were closed and cried some more.

No worries, I'm getting it tomorrow instead. I mean, after my morning writing, of course.

After I got home I took care of the dog and caught up on blog reading. Then I poked at my story again and wrote a few more words. Ended up deciding to update this blog before going to bed because I'm RESPONSIBLE now. Once I'm done here I'll probably read a little more then go to bed.

Fiction words today: 316
Running Total: 316

Books released: 0
(Books released last year: 5. This is the number to beat!)


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