Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day Twelve: Rechallenge

Hey, if Community can repilot, then I can rechallenge.

Why am I rechallenging you ask? Well, I read a post about someone trying to publish a hundred things in a year. They mentioned how much money they were making off short stories and it blew me away. I could quit my job with that much money, I thought. Then I investigated further and found other people also making that much money. Then I did some spreadsheets and the math worked out. So here I am, on a new challenge.

Now my goal is to write three hours a day and publish two things a week. I definitely have the time for this, what I'll need is the focus and willpower. Especially if this goes very, very badly and I make no money at all.

I am still keeping my day count and total words. I'm adding onto it books released and sold, starting from January first. I'm excited!

If you're wondering what I did this weekend, I mostly procrastinated by reading the kboards. Wrote enough to finish off A Fistful of Lust and just added it to Amazon, so it should be up in the morning. I've got sleep to get to now, so see you then!

Fiction words today: 1,191 (yesterday: 834)
Running Total: 9,358

Books Released: 2
Books Sold: 4


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