Friday, January 10, 2014

Day Ten


Okay, I'm still just tired. Think all this stress has just worn me out. Went to sleep early last night hoping ten hours of sleep might make me feel better. Nope. All it did was give me vivid nightmares and lots of thrashing. Sigh.

Went to work, finally got my car back, came home and read blog posts. I should write. I meant to have this short story finished tonight. *stares at document* *sighs again*

No, I probably will write at least a little tonight before I turn in. Need to get myself out of this funk. Going to try avoiding caffeine this weekend and see if that helps. Hey, at least it's supposed to get warmer. Maybe I can take walks in between the rain...

Going to go listen in Shake it Out until I feel better. Will update word count before sleep.

Fiction words today: 249
Running Total: 7,333


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