Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day Seven

Oh, life, you fickle bitch, you.

So yesterday started off pretty good with plenty of writing and chatting on the kboards. Free promotion is going well, so that's exciting. Then I got off work and my car was all HAH! You want me to run when it's negative three degrees out here? I'd like to see you run at negative three degrees!

 Long story short, I could not get home and get to my laptop last night. Wore yesterday's clothes in to work (ugh) and got a ride from a roommate after work so I finally made it home. Dog was pretty psyched to see me. Kept sniffing my clothes like she was all WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

 Ate dinner, took a little time to relax and read kboards since I needed to de-stress some. Saw that I got my very first review on this pen name. (YAY!) Finally made it to my story a little while ago, but too tired to do much. Managed a page and decided to call it a night. I need sleep.

 Sometimes I must concede the battle to life and admit that it has quite thoroughly gotten in the way. Hopefully I'll turn around and give it a one-two punch over the next couple of days. I really want to finish off this short story series, and I'm getting soooo clooooseeee.

 Fiction words today: 253 (on day six: 842)
Running Total: 6,168


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