Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day Two

Today was a day off for me, which was nice. Woke up a little late and managed to write about a hundred words before I got out of bed. Then went to Gadget Depot and got my new phone. Love this phone so far. I call it Tablet Phone and it calls me... nothing, because it's a phone.

Spent some time getting my phone set up and learning how it works, then went to the grocery store since we're out of food. Acquired food, drank coffee to warm back up (ugh, so sick of winter) and watched some anime.

After the guys went down to play some deathwatch I got to writing. I thought of a cool place to take the Lust a Stranger series, so I fired up a new document and starting working on Lust in the Night. Pretty excited about this. There is ESPIONAGE afoot.

Not many words written, but I'm still warming up. I'm planning on doing a little more every day until I get to the level I want to be at. Which is, like, a million words a day. Hah, just kidding. (Or am I?)

Fiction words today: 389
Running Total: 705


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